The rest of my heart

Mom and I make a chocolate cake. It is shaped like a heart.

I make it pretty with sprinkles. Lots of sprinkles.

I love you, I say to Mom, with the rest of my heart.

Dad walks in the room. “Do you love Daddy too?” Mom asks.

I turn to Dad. I love you for the rest of my life! I say.

“Hey!” Mom laughs. “Who got the better deal?”


Four-year-old teacher

It is Dad’s birthday. I wrap some of my toys in small boxes. And place them on the table where he can find them.

When is my birthday? I ask Mom.

“Your birthday is coming next,” Mom says. “In just three more months.”

“Do you know how old you will be?” Mom asks.

Four! I say.

“You are getting to be such a big girl,” Mom smiles.

I know, I say. Soon, I will be old enough to be a teacher.


Mom signs me up for 4K—that’s 4-year-old kindergarten—to start in the fall.

Will I go to a new school? I ask.

“No,” Mom says. “You’ll stay at your school for one more year. You’ll just get to learn new, fun stuff with the friends and teachers you have.”

Okay, I say. I’m ready.

Balloons make me happy

Mom, Dad and I go see some really big balloons.

The big kind that can carry folks away.

They come in all shapes and sizes. And in many, many colors.

I like them all.

They make me happy.


Dad drills holes in my sled. And pulls a rope through the holes.

Then he bundles me in layers of clothes.

We go out in the snow. Where he hitches the dogs to my sled.

“Mush!” he says.

And off we go on a dogsled ride.

Three dance-a-teers

Tonight my friends and I dance and do flips for our moms and dads.

It is a packed house. And we all “perform” for the crowd.

My friend Marley is the prom queen. She waves and blows kisses to her Mom.

My friend Amelia is the great dancer. She has all the right moves.

And I am the class clown. I make silly faces and show off my prat falls.

All the moms and dads clap and smile.

It is a great show.